May 29, 2019

4th of July – History, Fireworks and Shopping

Now, celebrate this 4th of July with colorful gifts, BBQ grill or patriotic printed clothes viz. T- Shirt, Leggings, Tanks or Bikinis.



4th of July

Our collection is specially for you to celebrate this Independence Day with style and full of exuberant gifts. And, celebrate this 4th of July from head to toe and full of patriotism.


Summer is followed by particularly many holidays. At first the Memorial Day which is followed by Father’s Day and then comes the Independence Day i.e. 4th of July.

The Independence day or 4th of July is commonly associated with patriotism, fireworks, parades, family reunions, parties, Patriotic clothes, National flag, barbecues, July 4th desserts, etc. in a actually major way.

Independence day in United States of America is a Federal Holiday, which remarks the commemorating day of independence from the Britishers. On this day the Continental Congress actually declared themselves independent from the monarchs of Britain.


Why 4th of July is Different?

This day comes with a vast and interesting history, which had lots of celebrations back into days. It is regarding fireworks or exuberant and thoughtful gifts.


4th of July is a day of Patriotism and we actually are here to help you to make you and your known look perfect for the day of Patriotism and Nationalism. In a survey it was found out that almost more 13% of the American population have served in the American military.

And, those who haven’t ever been into these military things that does not means at all that they have less patriotism for their country. And for sure, we are the Americans and we never back down ourselves in terms of celebrations and we really know how and where to actually spend our money on holidays.

Let me tell you that American literally spend more than any other countries on their national days.

Patriotism is for everyone and for all intents and purposes. We have trends to buy some flag printed clothes like T-Shirts are the best choice for any one. Whether you are a actually military man, service member, veteran, or anything, which definitely is significant. Soft & fine clothing, made & printed by USA with some grunt style design.

Ya, that is all you need, which is fairly significant.



It has been almost 245 years of the Independence of the Great nation of America.


Yet 4th of July is cherished with full enthusiasm. But, there is a hidden truth about July 4th that you might literally want to know. So, the thing is July 4th was not exactly the day on which all the founding fathers signed the independence of our Country from the Britishers.

The declaration was originally and officially was signed on the day of July 2nd instead of July 4th,1776. Only reason behind the celebration of this holiday on 4th of July is that the document on which all the Founding Fathers signed particularly was not dated on July 2nd in a sort of big way.

Continental Congress, which had officially actually voted for independence on July 2nd. Though, it was officially dated and finalized on July 4th.

After the following year of frustrations, the people were still for the most part raged against the Britishers. They tore down the statue of King George III and they burnt the king and held a particularly mock funeral to show their anger against the British rulers.

The evenings of the day was full of fireworks as mark of July 4th and to let the world know about the victory of Americans.

Though, 4th of July has been specifically celebrated from 1776. But, Massachusetts was the first state of America to recognize it as a holiday. It became kind of official holiday in United States of America on July 4th, 1781 and the congress decided to include 4th of July with the federal holidays.

Even, the first time when the 4th of July started to for all intents and purposes be celebrated. Which is also known as the ‘Oldest Independence Day celebration’. And it was held in Rhode Island, they have been celebrating the holiday since 1785.

Although, the whole country started celebrating this holiday of 4th of July after 85 years after that. Maybe, over these years the festivities may have changed. But the patriotism is still the same and 4th of July is still celebrated with full of happiness.

On this national day, more than 25,000 people come across the road to for all intents and purposes. People participate with the parade, concerts, and other activities. And what’s better than a ‘Patriotic Exercise’.



Even though, the American Independence Day was ruined in the year 2020, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. But we are aiming high for the year 2021. So we really need to cheer things up our own way.


Unlike other countries, America basically comes at the top in spending money for any type of these occasions. Around at 18,000 places fireworks are placed every year stated by the American Pyrotechnics Association in a major way.

And according to a report Americans on an average spend over 7 to 8 billions on Celebration of Independence day. Last year, more than $5 million worth of national flags were imported in the country. As well as the small towns like Traverse city, Galena, etc. spent almost $8,000 to $15.000 on firework, which is quite significant.

And cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, etc. spent 3 to 4 million dollars only on fireworks. We respect everyone’s patriotism to the Great Nation of USA. And here every product is manufactured in USA with attractive discounts specially for the holiday season.

Things not only end up here. Women are also not behind in celebrating our Independence Day. Although, we salute those ladies out there serving our great nation. But, those girls who aren’t there, they are here.

Like, stated above we, wear clothes to show our patriotism and love towards our country in a major way. Girls come with Flag Printed T-Shirts, Leggings, Glasses, Shoes and many more. Let, me tell you that bikinis are very popular on these type of occasions.

Girls wear Flag Printed Bikinis and Boys wear Flag Printed Shorts, T-Shirts, etc. And we can help you in finding soft, fine and high quality material clothes, whether it is legging to perfectly pair with patriotic tanks which ensures no see through on being so kind of soft.

Clothes which are perfect for 4th of July concerts, workouts or yoga, barbecue or any kind of beach party.





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