June 13, 2019

Bikini Day Special – Best looking Bikinis for National Bikini Day

Bikini day, which is celebrated on 5th of July every year. It is celebrated on the anniversary of invention of bikini in 1946 by a fashion designer from Paris whose name was Louis Reard.

Firstly, Bikinis are something meant to celebrate. That is why every other girl goes to the beaches and pools on the day of July 5th of every year to show her beaut. A day, where girls come with full confidence with the bikini on her body. Keeping aside all those size or fitness things out there.


Bikinis came through many ups and down and it really has a very interesting history. As the name ‘Bikini’ came from the Bikini Atoll, where post war testing of atom bombs were happening. And lot of other things that make it a very special day.

In 50s, wearing bikinis were very controversial, in the 60s it was started to trend and currently for teens it’s a holiday which everyone must have.

And, in the 70s, following a shocking sexual revolution in the United States, which lead the fashion designers to revamp the bikini to be even more revealing and titillating.

The string bikinis of the 1970s exposed the navel for the first time by fitting the bottoms just on the hips. The top left little to the imagination, providing only minimal bra-style coverage. In the 1980s, the popular thong bikini was introduced into American fashion.

1946 was the year when Western Europeans joyously greeted the first war-free summer after so many years and this lead to French designers come up with fashions to match the liberated mood of the people. Meanwhile, a French designer Louis Reard was the one, who developed competing prototypes of the bikini.

Reard made a swimsuit, which was in significantly smaller than any other those kinds of dresses ever made. Made out of a scant 30 inches of fabric. Reard called them as the bikini, which was named after the Bikini Atoll.

The first model to wear a bikini was an Bar dancer who could even walk nude in the public

At the start, Reard had trouble finding a professional model who would deign to wear extra small two piece. So he turned to Micheline Bernardini, an exotic dancer at the Casino de Paris. She was the first model to wear a bikini in 1946.

Long before, bold young women in bikinis were causing a sensation along the Mediterranean coast. Subsequently, Spain and Italy passed measures prohibiting bikinis on public beaches.

Later, it became so popular that it again came into trend. And since then, the popularity of bikini’s have continued to grow.

Nowadays, bikinis are so much in trend that they have become a part of us. And it.s true, you are beautiful, so why you need to hide yourself from anyone.

We girls can use bikinis any appropriate place. Talking of this, nowadays bikinis for national days are also in trends not only talking of National Bikini Day bikinis are also used on days like Memorial Day, 4th of July and others. Here, we have a trend to use attractive looking Flag Printed Bikinis on these national days.

National Bikini Day

To sum up, 5th of July is a day to treat yourself, to have a confidence on yourself, that you are not less than any of those chicks out there. We don’t usually have too many bikinis (unless you are one of those Beach or Pool girl).

So, we don’t assume that it’s the day to wear those bikinis to wear like you usually do.

It’s summer, it’s fun. At least, you need some of those beach suits. Just like the temperature is rising so you really need to dip yourself in that cool water.

So, if you are enthusiastic for this National Bikini Day then come with us and find the best bikinis to jaw drop everyone and show the best of you.

Reard said, “it isn’t a bikini unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring.”

Bandeau Bikinis

It is usually consists of Bandeau Bra and panties according to the Bikini. These bikini are best on hourglass or skimpy shaped woman but it’s not a good option if you have a heavy bust.

String Bikini

string bikini

These are extra sexy bikinis, held on strings. Best for women with hourglass shape and a terrible choice for women with heavy thighs.

Multi String Bikini

These are the bikinis with several strings to hold up your bra. Best for women with flaunting collar bones but a huge no for women with wide or bulky shoulders.

Micro Kini

Extremely short and revealing. Enough to cover your genitals. Appropriate for women with hourglass and skinny bodies.

Flounce Bikini

These come with flounced top and mostly high waist briefs. Best for women with curves and inappropriate for women with rectangular shaped bodies.

Fringe Bikini

These bikinis have fringes attached to the top. Appropriate with almost every body type.

High Waist Bikini

As you can see, these bikinis have high waist bikinis bottom. For those who are not ready to reveal their waist line. These are also appropriate for any body type but best on slim body.


These bikinis cover from top to bottom. Certainly, best for every shape.

Sling Bikini

It is a one piece swimwear which provides the least of the coverage consisting of slings. Best for women with curvy and well toned body. Won’t be good for women with heavy waist.


These bikinis come with mostly one piece of triangular top and bottom. It is one of the most trending or used bikini wear. Good for almost every body type.

High Neck Bikini

It consists of high neck tops with mostly a little high waist bottoms. Specially for beach games. Best for every body type except women with heavy body or with flat chest.


So, It is the most latest form of bikinis. However, It can be said as the most decent form of bikini too as it covers from the shoulder to the bikini bottom. Best for all kind of body types.

Hope, you found what you were looking for and had a great shopping with us. If, you found any difficulties or problem please let us know. We, welcome your grievances and we will try our best to improve our work for you.

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