June 20, 2019

15 best motivational books to read for self help

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Everyone has some kind of motivation, but we don’t recognize. Motivational books are something which let us explore ourselves.

Books are something which make us see the creativeness of people around the world. Some books are based on fictions, they show the imagination skill of the writers. Some are based on science, exploring the livings and non-livings. Some right on economical or political issues. And, there are some who write motivational books.

15 best motivational books of 2019

Motivational books are not like magic or something they are just views of the writer who sees the people around them and notices the lack of esteem, confidence or anything. First of all, we all are alike, no one in the world is completely or fully happy, although he has everything but there resides something which makes him worried.

And, there are people who don’t have anything but still they are not worried of anything. But, the thing is inspiration or motivation is not something which comes only by reading or watching videos. These are inside us, everyone possesses but the thing is some find their motivation some don’t.

So, motivational books do the same thing with us, they just wake up our self esteem, they just remind us who we truly are. No matter what, the situation is, we can still be cool, we can still be calm.

What if Steve Jobs won’t have came out of rejection from his biological parents? J.K.Rowling was so poor that she and her child didn’t had anything to eat and they were used to survive on government’s welfare. What if she never had started writing a book?

Every start comes with a believe. Believe on oneself. Here, we got the best motivational books of 2018. Which describe more about yourself.

One of the most best selling author Jen Sincero. It is definitely a self help book for those who want to improve their life and take out the inner happiness which has been hiding inside. This motivational books deal with a person’s inner awesomeness. It is one of the inspiring books with some hilarious stories. Creating a life that you totally adore and love.

We all know those tricks which we can apply in whatever field we are, but we are so lame to start. Berne Brown’s no. 1 best selling book at New York Times tells us what can being strong, daring and rising brave can make us achieve. Helping us in applying those tac-tics and how to put those ideas to work.

Because, when we dare to lead we have responsibilities. Leadership, doesn’t only means leading some people or company or anything but leadership starts with leading your own self. When you can lead yourself, you have conquered 50 percent of your achievement. A very motivational book in helping you to take a brave and bold step.

Inspired by a University’s slogan ‘What starts here changes the world’ Admiral William H. McRaven shared his 10 challenges while being in Navy seal training. He not only shared the challenges of Naval training but he also came up with the common challenges of his life.

In a speech he tells about the challenges of life like taking tough decisions, hardships, honor, courage. This book ‘Make your Bed’ simply provides wisdom and practical advices.

Hans Rosling with Anna Rosling and Ola Rosling wrote this book which deals with the facts of health problems and the stats we are provided with regarding health problems, child labor or girls’ studies. Everything, everything we see or come to know is always or mostly from a biased background.

It makes us aware of the media because they make us see what they want. Hans Rosling says, ‘This book is my last battle in my life-long mission to fight devastating ignorance…Previously I armed myself with huge data sets, eye-opening software, an energetic learning style and a Swedish bayonet for sword-swallowing. It wasn’t enough. But I hope this book will be.’

In this book written by Oprah Winfrey visionaries like Shonda Rhimes, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington share their lessons in finding purpose of their life through mindfulness and intentions in their life. This book revolves around, complex relationship with the ego and the healing powers of love and connection with our own self.

This book is written by the American author and journalist Christopher McDougall. Over 3 million copies of this book were sold. The author discovers that the Tarahumara Indians have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest, injury or any other problems.

While researching about them McDougall takes the reader to freezing peaks across North America, where ultra-runners are pushing their bodies to the limit. Finally, they make it to a climactic race in the Copper Canyons that pits America’s best ultra-runners against the tribe.

McDougall’s incredible story will not only engage your mind but inspire your body when you realize that we were born to run.

“If I could give each of you a graduation present, it would be this—the most inspiring book I’ve ever read.”
—Bill Gates

Writer Steven Pinker shows that, despite the time in which we are living is full of hatred and we always see news about terrorism, war and crimes. But, he states that all the violence are declining as we look past and past in the history.

This book continues Pinker’s exploration of the essence of human nature, mixing psychology and history as he shares his ideas regarding earth with a positive view to provide a remarkable picture of an increasingly enlightened world.

In ‘A New Earth’ Eckhart Tolle in this book explains that there shouldn’t be always those ego based decisions. Sometimes, these can make situations a bit difficult for us. In this book he states that although self made decisions are good but they are also a seed to conflict and suffering throughout the world.

He explains how our egos give birth to evils. In our sense, it can be said one of the most inspiring and motivational book which tells us how to deal with ourselves.

Enriched with more than 100+ lessons. This book is written by Scott Belsky. The author in this book tells us about those 3 stages of anything i.e. Endure, Optimize and Finish. Whether, it is about starting a business or family plan or anything. Everyone plans of how to start a thing and how to finish a thing but everyone leaves the most important part which is in the between.

In simple words, Brené Brown tells us through this book that let be real you shine. Through this book Brown is telling us that maybe vulnerability leads to sorrow, shame or uncertainty. Yet, vulnerability can also take us to happiness, joy, creativity and love.

He explains, vulnerability leads us to the power of creativity, belonging, innovation and accountability.

By Shawn Achor this book helps us to know our true potential and what we are capable of. Like, everyone is capable of something in his own ways. Some are good at studies, some are good at business or some are good at gaming. So, all it needs is a perspective and a strong step to your dream and to your potential.

This, the most beautiful book is written by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. It deals with the current and most dense problems of the human race. It tells the ways that how to deal with worrying and anxiety and how to stop negative thinking.

Ingrid Fetell Lee has explored the real human. Lee here, tells us that if we want then we can find happiness even in the smallest of things. In this book Lee shares everything in order to create external environments that give rise to inner joy. This book tells us that everything which is around us whether it affects us physically or mentally it always has impact on us.

Once again, Elizabeth Gilbert did it. In context to this book PopSugar said, ‘A must read for anyone hoping to live a creative life. I dare you not to be inspired to be brave, to be free, and to be curious.’

In this book Elizabeth is sharing her own wisdom and perspective for her knowledge. She tells us how to tackle with the most feared situation and how to tackle the fear if our love leaves us and how to move on. Gilbert encourages us to uncover our fears.

Priya Parker, the writer of the book, argues that the gatherings in our lives are unproductive, which they don’t have to be. We rely too much on routine and the conventions of gatherings. Instead, we are supposed to be focusing on distinctiveness and the people involved.

At a time when coming together is more important than ever, this book will help everyone create meaningful, memorable experiences, large and small, for work and for play with the gathering.

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