June 18, 2019

Best shoes for men to match their outfit

Whether it’s his interview, daily office or any wedding. Men just add up a level to them just by wearing the right pair of shoes matching to their outfit.

So here we brought best shoes for men. Just like our clothes define us in the same way our shoes also put some extra dazzle to a man’s charm. As shoes are equally important as wearing clothes. So, it’s very necessary to chose the right pair which turns to be best shoes for men.

But, shopping for shoes can be a bit stressful because there are so many varieties to chose with unless you know the right one which is best for men to match their outfit.

Best shoes for men to match their outfit

In terms of gifting whether you’re a mother, girlfriend or wife you literally want your man to look the best (and of course make those girls jealous). So, here we got the best picks of shoes which turn to be perfect for the dress which he is wearing in prom, interview, beach or at the wedding.

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What to wear with a suit?

Suppose, your man is having his job interview next week and he really need a pair of shoes to mark his first impression on the interviewer. Don’t worry, we have got the best picks to match a suit.


In terms of shoes wholecuts are the kind of shoes which come without any cuts or stitches. They are mainly made up of a single piece of leather making the whole shoe without any cuts.

Cap toe

In this kind of shoes there is a cap like part at front of shoe or over the toe. A cap toe shoe has horizontal stitching line across the toe box.

Best shoes for trousers

As we talked about what kind of shoes best fit on suits. Now, we will be telling you what to gift your man if he has some trouser to wear on.

Longwing Brogues

As these shoes offer somewhat like a wing top structure that is why they are known as longwing brogues. These shoes don’t have any heel cap and these shoes always come with open lacing.

Plain toe

Just like cap toes these are same as them but these plain toe shoes also feature side stitches too and they are plain from the laces to the toe. These are also known to be the most official kind of shoes.

Monk strap

These shoes don’t possess any laces. They are featured with straps and buckle on the shoes. These can’t be said as fully but a moderately formal shoe.


These are low heel shoes with decorative multiple piece leather. These are the most commonly found shoes amongst the cap toe’s category. And they generally have a wing like structure drawn over the toe surface.

What fits with Chinos?

Chinos are best for summers or even winters if you don’t want to expose your legs. They fit a great combination with these type of shoes.

Classic Sneakers

These shoes are made up of canvas and the best of all sneakers with lightweight and longer life. These are one of the best choice with chinos.

Camp mocs

These can be said as one of the classic shoes. They are consisted of a squared shape structure from the front and a shoe lace (which is for nothing). These shoe laces are just only for show.

Penny loafer

These are more like oxfords or brogue without a shoe lace. These are on the great choice to match with your chinos.


These are high laces shoes with mostly 2 or 3 points for lacing. These leathers are mainly matted in texture not shiny with leather or rubber soles.

Ya, we are not forgetting the Jeans

On vacations, we mostly want our men to look dashing or killing. Those ripped jeans, they do it all. And, it’s adding a star in the sky if we know what to wear with jeans.

Tan Bucks

These bucks can be called as the best casual shoes among all. They are made up more like a formal shoes but there red sole makes them different from others.

Chunky Sneakers

These sneakers are more sporty in look can be a great option for men if they are wearing a tight fitting jeans over the ankles.

Blucher moccasins

These moccasins are one of the most comfortable and american pair of shoes to wear with jeans. They generally look tough consisting of shoe lace eyes which are made up of bronze.

Classic high-tops

These are a kind of sneaker made up of canvas and are extended to the ankles consisting 5-8 eyes for lacing.

Shoes to wear with shorts

In summers, men mostly prefer their shorts as they are more comfortable. And, they can still look hunk if they put on the right pair of shoes with their shorts.

Boat shoes

As the name is ‘boat shoe’ these shoes were made for people who work on boats their oiled leather are made so that they can repel water and highly defined rubber soles are made to provide extra grip on wet floors. But, now they are one of the best shoes to pair with shorts.




These are somewhat like sneakers but more of a running shoe. Gives more comfortable and cool look with shorts.


These are flat soled shoes usually made up of cotton material. These are one of the comfortable and funky looking shoes in the list.

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