October 19, 2019

Thanksgiving USA – The tradition and Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving USA – This is the day on which Americans are fond of, the day which marks the beginning of Christmas season.

Thanksgiving is a a National holiday in United States of America, which is celebrated on fourth Thursday of October, every year. As being explained about it in our last post Thanksgiving – Turnover of a leaf Thanksgiving Day is all about a harvest festival that takes us to Thanksgiving USA.

As every country have their own harvest season so as America. Thanksgiving USA comes with a very dramatic and long back story which has included sometimes feminism, politics, an idea for peace and many more including the most important reason which is why it is celebrated is because of the yearly harvest.

This day is celebrated since 1789, although there were a lot of ups and downs regarding this day but still this day made it to the present and we still get to celebrate this day.

As it became a federal holiday in 1863, in the Presidency of Sir Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War and the main reason behind making Thanksgiving Day a federal holiday was to have some Peace during in the war time.

So, let’s do this in short, this day is celebrated out of thanking God for everything He has bestowed us with. And, let me tell you the main reason behind thanksgiving does not has its roots form America, instead it has Canadian history.

Eventually, the thing is we do celebrate Thanksgiving in USA and if you still wanna know everything you can go to Thanksgiving – Turnover of a leaf and you can find every stuff you need to know about thanksgiving.


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